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App Development in Banking industry

Over the past few years, mobile applications have transformed multiple industries. They are opening new frontiers for every industry and influencing them in an exceptional manner. The banking industry has also not remained untouched by their impact. With the advancement of technologies, the demand for banking app development services is increasing on daily basis. And, in order […]

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Why use Kotlin for Android development?

In accordance with Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2018, Kotlin is the 2nd most loved programming language and the 4th most wanted in the world. Recently, TechBeacon digital platform included it in the list of 5 emerging languages with a bright future. In 2017, at Google I/O annual conference, Kotlin was announced as an official language for Android […]

Why Is Python So Good for Data Science ?

Data scientists are in high demand, with compensation in this field averaging upwards of $100,000 in San Francisco. Learn data science and you can become one of the lucky, well-compensated professionals filling the current gap in this field. The first step to learning data science is usually asking “how do I learn data science?”. The […]

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MEAN application architecture

Is MEAN right for you? Learn why this end-to-end stack of MongoDB, Express.js, AngularJS and Node.js is gaining popularity for modern web app development. Create scalable applications that are optimized for cloud deployment Streamline development by using a single language across the entire application Simplify deployment with a built-in web server Manage large amounts of […]